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2009, Mixed media
Dimensions variable
Installation view from the show Crystal Structure (2009) | ReMap KM Project, Greece
Photos © Panos Kokkinias, Fanis Vlastaras, Revecca Konstantopoulou

The title of the installation was inspired by Exit Ghost, a novel by Philip Roth (2007).

Initially launched in 2007, Remap is a multifaceted biennial art initiative running at the Kerameikos/Metaxourgeio (KM) downtown district of Athens, which brings together artists, curators, institutions and galleries from across the world. Through ephemeral art interventions, platforms and installations, the project’s intension is to open up different possibilities for linking the tangible world of buildings, streets and urban landscapes with contemporary art practices, social networks and modes of communication.

For this particular project, I was given an entire vacant floor of an abandoned building, from where even the radiators had been removed. This detail was so intense that it gave me the idea to revitalize the space by using once again the old radiators – and many others that I found thrown away in the area. So, I decided to connect them all together with pipes and knots and place them in the different rooms in memory of its former inhabitants.