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“A day somewhere in the future. A day with a long, numerical title like those in sci-fi movies; names of days are no longer relevant. Time stretches, bends and breaks. The bones in our bodies follow the same pattern. Everything is a network, connected. If something breaks, everything else feels it.

If linear time travel and everyday life processes fail, then an orbital way of being and relating can perhaps show us the way to reimagine our entangled lives and our -hopefully- entangled futures – however they might look like. Transformation is to be mutual.

End of message. Mission launched. Estimated time of arrival unknown. In Orbit.

How did we get here? It’s hard to tell. The evidence is scattered, but at one point there was a flight. A flight out of this planet and a flight that charged through everything we have taken for granted on this planet; tearing down those barriers, watching them crumble and fall on the floor like a pile of broken bones. During the crash everything collided together, and, in the debris, new connections were made.

What before seemed impossible became a union, what before deemed unimaginable became a neuron. There was no more distinction between species, no more omnipotent humans, no more separation, just networked sentient beings. Emerged out of necessity, out of revolution, because no other option was left: a crash, long-time in the making.”

2021, Watercolor on paper. Dimensions variable
Courtesy Kalfayan Galleries
Photos © Thanos Kartsoglou